The families who appeared in the Gold Star and Next of Kin Lapel Buttons public service announcement series are actual survivors of the fallen, not paid actors.  In the videos below, some of the participants share in their own words what their buttons mean to them.


2015 Memorial Day PSA


"My husband gave the ultimate sacrifice.

He was killed in action while fighting for our country.

This pin is a representation of that sacrifice."

— Jennifer, survivor since 2010


"It's an acknowledgement of the sacrifice

on the part of my son,

our family and our nation."

— Matt, survivor since 2006




"It means to me the

ultimate sacrifice my son

made for this country"

— Hazel, survivor since 2005


"This is a physical representation

of the freedom that America has

and will have ... defended"

by the person I lost"

—Rebecca, survivor since 2004


"I wear it for my wife ...

It symbolizes what was

given for liberty and"

for freedom"

—Phil, survivor since 2009