There are several ways you can get involved and help survivors.


When you see someone wearing one of the Gold Star or Next of Kin lapel buttons, please remember, respect and honor the fallen service member it represents. Simple acknowledgment or words of encouragement can mean a lot. Join us in telling others about the meanings behind the Gold Star or Next of Kin lapel buttons and the importance of remembering and honoring those who wear them.


If you know someone who is a surviving military family member, tell him or her about Army Survivor Outreach Services. This program provides a world-wide community of support for survivors from all eras. To learn more, please contact Survivor Outreach Services.

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Run to Honor 2017

Run to Honor 2016

Run to Honor 2015

Run to Honor 2014


For the Army 10 miler we hold

 "Run to Honor" events which allowed participants to dedicate

their participation to a Fallen Service Member.

Please click on one of the links above to view the pictures from these events.



Chief of Staff of the Army

Gen Raymond T. Odierno

and Mrs. Linda Odierno


Sergeant Major of the Army

SMA Raymond F. Chandler III

and Mrs. Jeanne Chandler