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Run to Honor 2014 


Thank you for taking the time to learn more about these symbols of honor, officially known as Gold Star Lapel Button and the Lapel Button for Next of Kin of Deceased Personnel, these two buttons (pins) officially represent a military loss. They are presented to the surviving families of our brave men and women who die while on active duty military service to our nation.


The families of service members who paid the ultimate sacrifice deserve our respect, gratitude and the very best support we can provide.  It is our privilege to offer this site as a way to inform, educate and ultimately, to honor the memory of those who gave so much.



When you see someone wearing either the Gold Star or Next of Kin Lapel Button, know that he or she has lost a loved one who selflessly served our nation.


Please explore our site to learn more about what you can do to remember, respect and honor our fallen service members and their surviving families who wear the Gold Star pins.


Gold Star Pins Public Service Announcement

"The Pledge"

"The Pin"

"Unsung Heroes"